Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Let's take a leap and assume you arrived at this page because you want to learn about fishing for largemouth bass from the shore. These fish are one of the most popular sport fish in warm water lakes in the United States. Bass tournaments, fishing shows and a lot of other media about fishing often feature bass fishing because it is so popular. With that in mind, here is a 6 minute video from youtube that nicely illustrates some tips and techniques for fishing from shore. It is more than a bit funny that the objective of the fishermen in this video is to catch pike. They only end up catching a couple of nice bass and so it clearly shows some basic shore tatics that work well for fishing for bass, pike and other fish as well.


There are many other videos and websites that provide tips, techniques, and instruction from basic to advanced for bass fishing in many particular situations. Just do a search using your favorite search engine on your particular need and you are likely to find some good information. For example, you could search for "spin fishing largemouth bass in weeds" or "jig fishing for largemouth bass."